Support Our Soldiers

sosSupport our Soldiers is a charity which collects and sends morale boosting care parcels to those on the front line in Afghanistan and Iraq. They support our men and women throughout their tour, every day, not just at Christmas!

At Jennings, in 2009 we launched our appeal for care packages for troops in the Middle East. We anticipated being able to send around fifty parcels for Christmas, but to our astonishment we were inundated with items from toiletries to warm clothing. The vast number of gifts received, meant we have continued to send parcels on a regular basis for the last 4 years, including a Playstation 3 Console.

We are supported in this activity by Sainsbury’s in St Georges parade, Wolverhampton where shoppers are encouraged to pick up an extra few items in their shopping trolley and donate them. The staff at Sainsbury’s then deliver the items to the team at our Bilston branch who help package up the items in parcels for the troops.

If you would like to donate some items you can do so at either the above Sainsbury’s branch or any of our Jennings branches throughout the Wolverhampton area.