Arrangements for the cremated remains

After a cremation, it’s important to remember there’s no rush in deciding what do with the cremated remains and you may wish to discuss the options with your family first.

Jennings can also provide you with information and guidance on Crematoria, cremations and cremated remains options in Wolverhampton and surrounding areas.

Scattering them in a special place is popular but they can also be buried in a family grave or kept at home in a specially designed cremation urn. If you’re scattering the remains on private land, such as a cricket ground or if it adjoins a waterway, you’ll need to contact the site’s owners for permission first.

In addition, there are increasingly imaginative ways to remember a person’s life through their cremated remains including:

  • Having the remains incorporated into one or more pieces of jewellery
  • Released into the atmosphere in a biodegradable balloon
  • Mixing the remains with concrete to form artificial reef modules and placed on reefs requiring help
  • Making a bronze and glass memorial urn that doubles as a time capsule
  • Incorporating them into memorial fireworks

Please feel free to contact Jennings for more advice on the legal requirements and possibilities available.